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From project management to product manager: Patrik Kuhna initially took care of project management as a working student. Now he is responsible for our SaaS solution RAM at syniotec as Product Manager. Here you find out what his experiences are and how he got to his current position.

Hi Patrik! You have been with syniotec for a relatively long time. How exactly did you come to syniotec?

I first became aware of syniotec at the Bremen Start-up Pitch Night. At the time, I was looking for experts to interview as part of my master’s thesis on the sharing economy. Since the model from syniotec – at that time named Sharemac – was a perfect fit for this, I contacted the company.

How would you describe your development from working student to product manager?

Since I was already permanently confronted with overlaps between technical and economic aspects during my industrial engineering studies, product management was the area I could identify with the most right from the start. At syniotec, I was already given the opportunity to contribute my ideas as a working student, which meant that the direction into product management already crystallized at this stage.

What exactly do you do as a product manager? What are your areas of responsibility?

As a product manager, I take care of the alignment and development of our software solutions. In particular, I am responsible for our Rental Asset Manager (RAM), which I manage throughout the entire lifecycle.

So you already have some experience with the construction industry. What is so special about this particular industry? …and what is special about syniotec?

The construction industry, even today, has a lot of potential for digitizing processes. This opens up the possibility of optimizing them and makes the benefits for the industry immediately visible.

The agile working environment at syniotec ensures a responsiveness that is exceptional for a software company. At the same time, we are in constant exchange with the industry and receive constant feedback on our products, which we incorporate directly into development.

What does a typical working day look like for you? What phrase do you hear most often in the office?

This does not exist (fortunately).
And, “You will manage.”

April 5, 2023

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