Aesthetics – an integral part of product design or a resource vaccum?

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For syniotec it was clear from the beginning that we wanted to develop solutions from, with and for the construction industry. That’s why the process is never one-sided. This means that the process never just goes from the service provider to the end user, but rather a back and forth feedback method was adopted, and this ultimately enabled us to develop a personalized solution for a very specific problem.

The new design of our IoT devices was developed with those values in mind.

Functionally, we focused on ensuring long battery life, high robustness, reliable connectivity through a telematics ecosystem and, most importantly, a simple and facilitated installation process (More information can be found on the IoT page).

But does all this mean that there can’t be another focus besides functionality?
To what extent does the aesthetic design contribute to the value of the device?

Rezi, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of syniotec, who is heading the development of our IoT devices, explains that our process first starts with ensuring a functional and reliable product, by always working closely with those seeking solutions. The next step is to make aesthetic design decisions that add value to the device without compromising its functionality.

 In order to reach this goal, we partnered with Designlab Vioki GmbH for the purpose of our rebranding and together we reviewed and revised our IoT product portfolio. Thomas Ritschel, an industrial designer at vioki who specializes in the construction industry, was our first point on contact. Working with our new brand identity in mind, he played a pivotal role in developing the new designs of our IoT product offerings.

Can functionality and aesthetics coexist?

Good aesthetics can and will be act as positive factor when done right. The seamless design of our IoT fits almost anywhere on the machines without interfering. At the same time, its simple and clean, yet reliable and robust design is in line with our brand values and what we stand for.

We would like to consider functionality and aesthetics less as two competitng factors, but rather two elements that could harmoniously work together and enhance both the functionality and user experience, and at the same time abass our brand values and what we stand for through its simple & clean yet reliable and sturdy design.


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February 16, 2023

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