Create test protocols digitally

Document regular inspections, acceptance reports, test reports, defect recording, retests. For a long time, a new sheet had to be printed out, filled out, countersigned and filed for all these processes. This is not only very tedious, but also bad for the environment. The VDBUM, the German Association for Construction, Environment and Mechanical Engineering, has now turned to syniotec to put a stop to this.

The VDBUM has long been a strong partner when it comes to technical testing protocols. Already 300,000 machine and equipment tests have been carried out together with the association. In collaboration with syniotec, these years of experience and expertise are met with technical know-how regarding the feasibility of a digital variant.

“Our goal was to make the software’s interface as self-explanatory and intuitive as possible without ignoring the necessary complexity,” said syniotec’s Head of Product Management Germany David Peters. “Together with the VDBUM we have managed to get where we are now through constant exchange and feedback: Digital inspection reports can now be easily performed online and offline via software from any location!”

But what exactly does "where we are now" mean?

In 2020, the VDBUM came up with the idea of making it easier and faster for companies in the construction industry to create inspection reports. As one of the leading providers of software for construction companies, syniotec was the obvious and logical choice as a partner. That’s how the joint project came about, which has now gone live.

What can the platform from VDBUM and Sharemac do?

First of all: of course, perform technical tests. The user only has to go through a few steps, in which they enter key data such as the branch of the device via input or drop-down selection. As a final step, a digital signature is added to finalize the verification.

Afterwards, the inspection report can be conveniently exported and saved as a PDF to be stored centrally or sent by e-mail.

In addition, new organizations are created or new machines & equipment are added to the existing fleet in the blink of an eye. These are then listed in the device overview with the current test status and can thus be viewed clearly.

Who can use the tool?

Currently, anyone who is a partner of the VDBUM can easily perform technical inspection records for construction machinery digitally. Not a customer yet? Then simply contact the VDBUM and discuss the next steps.

But syniotec’s partners can also access the tool: “You can already create digital audit trails in SAM, too,” says syniotec CEO Manuel Kimanov. “It was planned from the beginning to make the functions available to our partners and customers as well – because the entire construction industry should benefit from this collaboration.”

The solutions from syniotec are diverse: from digital test protocols to IoT telematics or the fully comprehensive SAM software. Simply inform yourself now and request a free quote.

June 22, 2021

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