Empowering Efficiency
With Smart Tracking Solutions

A single comprehensive solution that makes equipment management as easy as possible.

Strengthening the construction industry with IoT solutions

We offer you a comprehensive overall package of leading software solutions and manufacturer-independent telematics, which complement each other perfectly. Our IoT hardware system is characterized by flexibility and reliability. Thanks to an extensive portfolio and continuous further development, our telematics devices are optimally tailored to the needs of the construction industry.

  • Real-time tracking of devices and machines
  • Monitoring of operating hours and maintenance intervals
  • Check-in/check-out history to improve traceability
  • Reliable and secure connection for data transfer
  • Quick and easy installation process

Your benefits are not just limited to telematics

Plug & Play installation

Our IoT solutions enable simple plug-and-play installation, so you can start tracking your devices and machines with minimal effort. You can take advantage of our IoT solutions in just a few simple steps.

syniotec Service App

We provide a service app that simplifies telematics installation on your devices. Adding, editing and configuring telematics devices is done at the touch of a button.

Our customer service

The success of our customers depends not only on our products, but also on our service. We attach great importance to supporting you throughout the entire process. This is how we ensure that you get the best out of our solutions.


The heart of our hardware collection

CORE is ideal for large construction machines. The box is connected to the appliance’s power circuit in just a few simple steps. It transmits all the machine’s central telematics data to SAM & RAM in real time.

  • Live location tracking
  • Operating hours recording
  • Manufacturer-independent application
  • Motor status
  • Full integration with our SAM and RAM software solutions


Independent and durable

LINK is suitable for medium-sized construction equipment or attachments that do not have their own power supply. The device uses LTE-M and NB-IoT technologies to transmit data directly to SAM & RAM via our IoT platform. Information such as the GPS location or the operating hours are visualized so easily.

  • Live location tracking
  • Operating hours recording
  • Manufacturer-independent application
  • Motor status
  • Full integration with our SAM and RAM software solutions


Digital access to your equipment

The TAGS enable digital access to the individual device profile in SAM & RAM. They are clearly visible on the equipment and offer two different scanning options: QR and NFC.

  • QR code
  • NFC scan
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Directly to the individual device profile in SAM and RAM

Synchronizing you with the possibilities of the future

Smart Asset Manager

Simple operation and a complete overview for your construction company: Digitize and automate processes now with SAM. More about SAM

Rental Asset Manager

RAM was specially developed for the construction machinery rental industry. Analysis, tracking, digital handover protocols: all in one software. More about RAM

Telematics solutions

IoT devices for optimal tracking and fleet management. Important machine data is visualized directly in SAM & RAM. More about our IoT

Partnerships that are built to last!

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What is the purpose of the telematics boxes?

The telematics boxes are used to transfer the machine data to our SAM software and our RAM solution for construction machinery rental companies. The devices send information such as live location and technical data, such as operating hours, which can be conveniently accessed through the app.

Since construction machinery varies widely, we at syniotec have developed different versions of telematics boxes, each tailored to specific types of construction machines. Which ones are ultimately suitable is discussed individually between syniotec and the customer during the planning stage.

Depending on the device, there are various options for reading out the machine data. CORE and LINK send the data actively and independently. For passive tags there are our TAGS with these options:

  • QR: Quick Response (=QR) is a two-dimensional code on the telematics device. This code is scanned with our app to access the individual device profile with all the information.
  • NFC: NFC stands for Near Field Communication and enables contactless exchange over a short distance. The smartphone is simply held up to the device to call up the information.