Focus on the essentials

Quick and easy installation

Installation is quick and easy and takes just a few minutes.

Live GPS tracking

With the telematics box, you can view the live location of your construction machine at any time.

Waterproof and weatherproof

Ideal for the construction site, the box can withstand the weather and adverse conditions.

What equipment is LITE suitable for?

LITE is the ideal solution for construction machinery where only the real-time GPS location is required. This compact and easy-to-install box is connected directly to the battery and provides precise location data. LITE is particularly suitable for devices that require fast and uncomplicated localization without additional functionalities such as maintenance monitoring or driving behavior detection.

You can see this data for your construction machine

With LITE you can see the real-time GPS location data of your construction machine. Precise tracking makes it possible to monitor the exact location of your equipment at all times. The system focuses on the essentials and ensures that you are always informed about the current position of your machines.

  • Live location
  • Current voltage


What is the purpose of the telematics boxes?

The telematics boxes are used to transfer the machine data to our SAM software and our RAM solution for construction machinery rental companies. The devices send information such as live location and technical data, such as operating hours, which can be conveniently accessed through the app.

Since construction machinery varies widely, we at syniotec have developed different versions of telematics boxes, each tailored to specific types of construction machines. Which ones are ultimately suitable is discussed individually between syniotec and the customer during the planning stage.

Depending on the device, there are various options for reading out the machine data. CORE and LINK send the data actively and independently. For passive tags there are our TAGS with these options:

  • QR: Quick Response (=QR) is a two-dimensional code on the telematics device. This code is scanned with our app to access the individual device profile with all the information.
  • NFC: NFC stands for Near Field Communication and enables contactless exchange over a short distance. The smartphone is simply held up to the device to call up the information.

Hardware for every application


Ideal for construction machinery such as excavators or wheel loaders.


Ideal for attachments such as vibratory plates or shovels.


Ideal for cars and trucks.

Passive telematics

Direct access to the device profile.

Passive telematics

Digital access to your equipment

In addition to the IoT, which reliably sends central data to SAM & RAM, we offer passive telematics. Clearly visible on the equipment, these enable digital access to the individual device profile via QR and NFC scan.
We also offer different variants:

  • TAGS for construction machinery and large equipment
  • TOOL-TAGS for tools and small appliances
  • Chain TAGS for heavy chains
  • QR sticker

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Telematics solutions

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