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Our partners

syniotec has managed to quickly and flexibly develop a marketable solution that makes our work much easier. In RAM we can see all important information about rental contracts and our fleet in a completely transparent way. The interface setup to our ERP system also ran quickly and smoothly.

HOCH Group x syniotec

Authorised signatory at Hoch Baumaschinen GmbH

The digitalization of the construction industry is essential for its progress. syniotec is making an important contribution to this. This is what the future of the construction industry looks like.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Markus König

Deputy Head of the national center for the digitalization of construction

syniotec’s telematic modules provide the best conditions for the further digital transformation of our business. syniotec’s team and technology help us achieve our innovation goals.

Kurt König x syniotec

Business Unit Manager Sales at Kurt König

syniotec has developed a platform thanks to which we now know where our equipment is, what our equipment is doing and how it is doing it. A platform through which we can also optimize logistics. With syniotec, we have made the step into the digital world.

Arnulf Pucher

Technical Director, STRABAG

syniotec made it possible for us to bring transparency to our equipment and vehicle fleet and to digitalize existing processes in a meaningful way. We organise and manage our entire equipment park from the initial inspection to the return transport from a construction site via SAM.

Johann Gottfried Stehnke

Managing Director Gottfried Stehnke Bauunternehmung

syniotec's team inspires with vision and implementation strength, with digital competence and a deep understanding of the industry. Through syniotec, the Internet of Things is becoming a natural part of the construction industry. Completely new ideas and completely new approaches, developed with the customers for the customers.

Dr. Markus Pertlwieser

CEO Penta Fintech GmbH & Advisory Board member Sharemac GmbH

When I first heard the idea behind syniotec, it was immediately clear to me: this is the milestone for the digitalization of the construction industry!

Dr. Wolfgang Bayer

Chairman of the Advisory Board Sharemac GmbH / former Managing Director of the Niedersachsen-Bremen Construction Industry Association

The digitization in the network structures of the construction industry is of increasing importance for the productivity development in this branch. syniotec offers a useful approach to better organization and shared service.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Bauer

Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Bauer AG