Powerful tracking like never before.

A single comprehensive solution that makes site management as simple as possible.

Hardware solutions that give you maximum flexibility.

We understand the unique challenges that construction companies face in managing their equipment and projects. That’s why we’ve developed powerful IoT solutions that help construction companies optimize their operations and streamline their processes.
Our IoT solutions are designed to provide maximum flexibility, reliability, and security. With our comprehensive portfolio of telematics devices, we can provide construction companies with customized solutions that meet their specific needs.


CORE is ideally suited for large construction machines. With just a few simple steps, the box is connected to the machine battery. This transmits all central machine telematics data to SAM & RAM in real-time.


LINK is suitable for middle-sized construction equipment that doesn’t have an internal power supply. The device uses LTE-M and NB-IoT-technologies to transmit data. Visualizing data such as the GPS location or operating hours of the equipment can be done with ease.


The TAGS make it easy to access the digital profile of each individual equipment in SAM & RAM. They are attached directly onto the equipment. To ensure maximum durability and longevity, our TAGS feature an engraved QR code and an NFC tag mounted inside the aluminum.

Empowering Construction Companies with IoT Solutions

We have focused on providing a holistic IoT hardware system that excels in flexibility and reliability. Thanks to the comprehensive portfolio and continuous further development, the telematics devices are optimally tailored to the requirements and needs of the construction industry.

Key features:

  •   Real-time tracking of equipment and machinery
  •   Monitoring of operating hours and maintenance schedules
  •   Check-in/check-out history for improved accountability
  •   Reliable and secure connection for data transfer
  • Quick and easy installation process

Your advantages are not only

limited to the hardware


Our IoT solutions are designed for easy plug-and-play installation, which means that you can start tracking your equipment and machinery with minimal intervention. With just a few simple steps, you start reaping the benefits of our IoT solutions.


We provide a service app that simplifies the onboarding process and telematics installation on your equipment, saving valuable time in your business. Our customer service team is dedicated to ensuring your success with our IoT solutions, from installation and training to a personal contact person.


A mission dedicated to the success of our partners. From installation and training to a personal contact person: We are there for you right from the start.

Join the Future of Construction with syniotec

By leveraging our IoT solutions, construction companies reduce costs, improve efficiency, and stay ahead of the competition. Join the future of construction with syniotec and experience the benefits of our powerful IoT devices in combination with our SaaS solutions.

Smart Asset Manager (SAM)

With SAM, your construction site is managed all in one place, moving from document-based to data-based processes. Automating your company’s processes through SAM will increase efficiency, making it possible to successfully implement digitization in the long term.

Rental Asset Manager (RAM)

Digitalize your rentals with Rental Asset Manager. Manage your rental fleet with ease, keep track of utilization and book rentals, all within one software. With RAM, you simplify the process of rental management, bringing everything in one place.

Service app

Our service app simplifies work for both our partners and employees. Adding, editing, and configuring telematics devices can be done with just a button click. Access to the application requires valid login credentials provided by syniotec.


Our hardware is designed to keep you up to date with the digital

world of fleet management.

With the help of the telematics boxes, machine data is transmitted to our SAM software and our solution for construction machine rental companies RAM. Thanks to the devices, details such as the live location of the device or technical data such as the operating hours are transmitted and can thus be easily viewed in the app.

Since the machinery fleet of construction companies varies greatly, we at syniotec have developed different versions of the telematics boxes, each of which is more suitable for certain construction machines than others. Which ones are ultimately suitable is discussed individually between syniotec and the customer during planning.

Depending on the device, there are different ways to read out the machine data. CORE and LINK send the data actively. There are several options for passive tags.

  • QR: Quick Response (=QR) is a two-dimensional code on the telematics device. This code is scanned using our app to access the individual device profile with all the information.
  • NFC: NFC stands for near field communication and enables contactless exchange over a short distance. The smartphone is simply held up to the device to view the information.
  • RFID: RFID stands for a technology that enables automatic and contactless data exchange. With this technology, machine data is transferred directly and easily in the app.

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