Powerful tracking
like never before.

A single comprehensive solution that makes site management as easy as possible – tailored to your specific needs.


The S-Box is ideally suited for large construction machines. With just a few simple steps, the box is connected to the machine battery. This transmits all central machine telematics data to SAM in real-time. In addition, the S-Box acts as a LoRa and Bluetooth® gateway for near-field beacons.


The metal-tags facilitate digital access to the single equipment profi le in SAM. They are attached directly to the equipment and provide two diff erent scanning possibilities: QR and NFC. By engraving the QR-Code and mounting the NFCTag inside aluminum our Metal-Tags achieve maximum robustness and long live-times.


The LoRa-Beacon is suitable as a fixed component for machine attachments or smaller equipment, that do not have internal power supply. Simply and quickly attached to a free spot, the LoRa-Beacon communicates directly with the S-Box.

Independent Tracker

The independent Tracker is suitable for middle-sized construction equipment which might not have internal power supply. The device uses LTE-M and NB-IoT-technologies to transmit data directly through our IoT-Platform to SAM. GPS-Location and operating hours of equipment are easily visualized!