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The Rental Asset Manager digitizes the management of your rental fleet. Keep an eye on utilization and manage everything around your bookings – all in one software.

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Your rental process in one software

RAM (Rental Asset Manager) is a powerful SaaS (Software as a Service) solution designed specifically for construction rental companies. With RAM, you manage your entire rental fleet from a single platform, streamlining your rental processes and maximizing your rental revenue.

Optimize Your Rental Business

With RAM, you manage your entire rental fleet from a single platform. Keep track of equipment availability, rental rates, and customer orders in real-time. Our powerful software automates your rental processes, so you can focus on what matters most – growing your business and increasing your asset RoI (Return on Investment).

Track Your Assets with IoT-Enabled Devices

RAM is more than just a software solution – it's an IoT-enabled platform that connects your rental equipment to the cloud. With our telematics devices, you can track the location, utilization, and performance of your assets in real-time. This data gives you valuable insights into your business operations, so you can make data-based decisions about your rental fleet.

Maximize Your Rental Revenue

RAM increases your rental revenue automatically. Through the exact monitoring of an asset’s working hours & utilization, you are always able to detect overutilization and invoice this precisely without any hassle. RAM’s advanced deployment of AI & image recognition within the equipment handover process allows you to always detect asset damages that have occurred during the rental period and to invoice those correctly to the client, supported by digital documentation and reports.

Create transparency in your company

Easily access all relevant information in one place in the customer profile.

Your rental park in one software

Keep track of all your equipment in one place within RAM’s equipment  database.

Maximizing the potential of your rental equipment

Automatic check-in/out and detailed bookings provide accurate and efficient monitoring of the rental fleet.

Your advantages go beyond the software

Gain full visibility of your data

Gain a comprehensive view of your data and closely monitor your rentals through h telematics data. By utilizing live GPS tracking for your assets and matching it with your bookings, you can quickly detect any extra/non-planned usage and maintain a complete transparency in your rental and invoicing operations.

Use a single comprehensive platform for all your rental fleet plannings and deployments

Get an ideal overview of your rental park utilization with intuitive pre-planning tools that ensure optimal deployment of your fleet. Explore a calendar and map view of all your assets to efficiently manage your rental operations.

Create and use handover protocols digitally, anytime and anywhere

With just a few clicks, transform your handover protocol of construction machinery into a paperless process. The digital handover protocol created allows you to record the machine status and securely file the log-in compliances with legal requirements.


Unleash the potential of your fleet

The name RAM stands for Rental Asset Manager and is a software specifically for construction equipment rental. RAM was developed for companies that regularly rent out construction machinery, equipment and other equipment to customers.

The functions in RAM partly overlap with SAM. This is due to the fact that similar needs and requirements prevail in the construction industry, which have already proven themselves in our solutions.

A concrete example: In both softwares, construction projects, machines and storage locations can be viewed in a map view. Equipment can be tracked live there.

RAM is specifically designed and focused for construction equipment rental companies. While SAM’s focus is on construction projects, RAM’s focus is on leasing itself, including bookings, invoice processing and handover protocols.

The data is automatically transferred to RAM by means of telematics installed on the construction machines. There is the option to create an API with already installed IoT devices as well as to use our own developed telematics. In the case of a third-party interface, we use the AEMP 2.0 standard. You can read about what that means in concrete terms in our blog.

We discuss the cost of RAM with the construction equipment rental company. There are many factors that influence the total: Number of users, size of the rental fleet, interface setup to external telematics providers, number of our telematics and so on. Since this always differs individually per construction company, this is discussed in a joint meeting. Genre you can always arrange a free consultation.


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