The future for renting and dealing construction machines

Your rental process digitized: Manage all your bookings, track equipment live and edit invoices with just a few clicks.

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Less effort spent on fleet management
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Time savings for technical tests and handover protocols
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Less time spent locating equipment

Efficient planning & management of your rentals

Optimal overview of your rental fleet

Maximum security thanks to real-time tracking & geofencing

Holistic database management for a comprehensive overview

Transparent cost insights & calculation

Perform technical checks at the touch of a button and store them centrally

AI-supported handover protocols for automatic documentation

Flexible access 24/7

All important information about your customers at a glance

AEMP 2.0: Cross-manufacturer telematics at a glance

Flexible connection to your existing systems

Efficient database management for a clear overview and organization

Your advantages are not limited to the software

Get full visibility of your data

Get a comprehensive view of your data and monitor your rentals through telematics data. By using live GPS tracking for your construction equipment and reconciling it with your bookings, you’ll quickly identify any additional or unplanned usage and ensure complete transparency in your rental and billing processes.

Use a single comprehensive platform for your rental fleet planning and operations

Get an ideal overview of your rental fleet usage with intuitive pre-planning. This way you can ensure an optimal equipment of your fleet. In the calendar and map view, you can intuitively manage your entire rental fleet with just a few clicks – quickly and efficiently.

Create digital handover protocols anytime and anywhere

Document the receipt and handover of construction machinery and equipment paperlessly with just a few clicks using RAM. A digital handover protocol records the machine status including tank level, operating hours and possible damage. The log is then stored centrally in a legally secure manner.

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