Voice messages for equipment requests

The use of artificial intelligence in the construction industry is taking the next step: with the introduction of voice messages for equipment requests, the process will be digitized and automated in the future. The use case from the Bremen-based company syniotec demonstrates the potential behind AI solutions.

Thanks to the integration of voice messages, site managers will soon be able to send inquiries directly from the construction site. These are received by an AI-supported assistant, which automatically filters and forwards the information to the SAM software. In the next step, the dispatcher assigns the appropriate equipment to the request and plans the transport. All steps take place in syniotec’s SAM (Smart Asset Manager) software for construction companies.

The screenshot shows the provider WhatsApp as an example. However, it is suitable for messaging services so that the messenger used in the company can be used. Thanks to the simple integration, company guidelines are taken into account and the AI assistant can be used without hesitation.

This innovative application is currently under development and is part of a broader trend towards the automation and optimization of processes in the construction industry. Technologies such as AI-supported handover protocols for the rental of construction machinery and digital tank certificates are already showing their effectiveness in improving quality assurance and reducing sources of error.

Numerous practical examples of the use of artificial intelligence in the construction industry

AI-supported handover protocols for the rental of construction machinery: The use of AI-supported handover protocols optimizes the machine handover process. By analyzing photos using integrated artificial intelligence, the RAM app from syniotec precisely evaluates tank levels, operating hours and the condition of the machines.

Digital tank certificates: The digitalization of tank records using photos of type plates, displays and fuel pumps enables complete documentation of every refuelling. The evaluation by AI ensures the correct recording and forwarding of all relevant data. This method offers a transparent solution for monitoring and documenting the CO2 emissions of each machine.

Nameplate recognition: During maintenance work, service technicians often document important information by photographing the machine’s type plate. To avoid the time-consuming and error-prone process of manual data entry, syniotec has developed a prototype for automated data entry. The AI reads data, which speeds up documentation and service processes and improves quality assurance.

For all applications, syniotec tries to make these available to both construction companies and construction machinery rental companies in the Rental Asset Manager (RAM). For more information, all of syniotec’s use cases and research work can be found on the website: https://syniotec.com/data-science/.