Innovative family business looking for comprehensive rental fleet management.

The HOCH Group is an innovative and modern family business that is passionate about construction machinery and wants to break up and change traditional business models by sustainably optimizing efficiency on construction sites with high-quality branded products and services. As a building block for further optimizing the rental process, the company was looking for a digital solution that would fully digitalize the management of the rental fleet.


What were the challenges?

Manual management of the rental fleet, delays in the rental of construction machinery, lack of overview: The HOCH Group wanted a centralized system that would enable full management of the rental fleet.

1. standardized solution that maps everything
2. focus on bookings & customer profiles
3. analysis & monitoring of machine utilization

A partnership with vision

After the initial contact between the HOCH Group and syniotec, it quickly became clear that their shared vision was to develop a solution that would advance the entire construction industry.

syniotec developed a customized SaaS solution to optimize construction machinery management in constant exchange with the HOCH Group. Integrated tracking using IoT enables real-time monitoring and control of the entire construction machinery fleet. The result: the Rental Asset Manager, or RAM for short.

RAM focuses on functions that are tailor-made for construction machinery rental companies and dealers. The aim is to optimize and support processes and management.

“The planning and monitoring of rentals, a clear target/actual comparison with the help of telematics, automatic notifications in the event of overuse and the mobile creation of handover reports are just some of the things that RAM helps us with on a daily basis,” says Fabio Hoch, authorized signatory at the HOCH Group.

As part of the partnership, the HOCH Group’s rental fleet was equipped with telematics from syniotec in order to visualize central information directly in RAM.

Live location

Operating hours
per construction machine

Customer database

Current status
of the rental agreements

Relief thanks to digitalization

The goals: Significant improvements in operational efficiency, more precise planning and allocation of machines, resulting in reduced downtime and improved customer satisfaction. The aim is also to optimize fuel consumption, proactively identify maintenance requirements and ultimately reduce operating costs.