open minded & innovative!

In both Bremen and Tbilisi, Georgia, our dedicated team operates with passion and motivation across all fields. Each of us dares to dream big – and together, we shape the future of construction!

A mission that serves you

Through our innovations, we move your company forward and open up new opportunities for the future.

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Co-Founder CEO


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Chief Financial Officer

We are optimizing efficiency

In the world of syniotec, you have a complete overview. We increase the efficiency of our partners through transparency and clarity in their day-to-day tasks. Always with one goal in mind: increasing the efficiency of your construction site.

We are standard-setting

We have the know-how in all areas of the value chain. We make IoT part of the construction industry.

We are industry-leading

Together with our partners, we are revolutionizing construction sites around the world and driving digitalization forward – to the benefit of us all. With the best software and telematics solutions on the market, we meet all needs quickly, reliably and pragmatically.

Our motto: Get to work and find solutions!

We want to find quick and pragmatic solutions together with our partners from the construction industry. We don’t just focus on the big picture, but above all want to create something that helps every colleague in their day-to-day work.
Always with the goal: fewer construction sites on construction sites!