We synchronize you and your machines through IoT-solutions and highest technical standards with the future.


Passionate, open minded, inventive!

Both in Bremen, Germany and in Tbilisi, Georgia we work as a motivated team with passion in all areas. Each of us thinks big – and shapes tomorrow!

Manuel Kimanov

Co-Founder & CEO

Rezi Chikviladze

Co-founder & COO

Arne Stehnken

Chief Financial Officer

Our key competencies

We are efficiency enhancing

In syniotec‘s world, you have the complete overview. We increase the efficiency of our partners through transparency and clarity in their everyday work.

We are standard-setting

We have the know-how in all areas of the value chain. Through us, real IoT becomes part of the construction industry.

We are industry-leading

Together with our partners, we are revolutionizing construction sites around the world and driving digitalization forward – to the benefit of us all. Through the best software and telematics solutions on the market, we meet the needs of the industry quickly, reliably and pragmatically.

The story of syniotec


As a part of a study project, Manuel Kimanov and Rezi Chikviladze developed together an idea, that involved integrating the sharing economy concept in the consturciton industry.


Sharemac was founded the following year. From the beginning, the young company worked closely with experts from the construction industry.


The lack of digitalization in the construction industry revealed completely different challenges and needs. Comprehensive solutions for a better overview and management of construction projects and machines were desperately needed.


The solutions SAM and IoT met precisely the demands and needs of the construction industry. More and more companies started recognizing the potential of our offered solutions.


SAM is constantly optimized and tailored to the requirements and demands of the industry. The portfolio of IoT solutions is further expanded. Together, we are driving the digitalization of the construction industry. The TechHub in Georgia is founded and the company moves into its first offices in downtown Bremen.


Sharemac reorganizes its product portfolio and becomes syniotec. With the new branding, we are repositioning ourselves for further future growth.


With RAM, we have developed a SaaS solution for rental companies and dealers. As a global innovator and driver of the construction industry, we are setting new digital industry standards with our holistic solutions.

Our motto: Tackle and create solutions!

We want to find quick and pragmatic solutions together with our partners from the construction industry. In doing so, we don’t just have the big picture in mind, but above all want to create something that helps every colleague in their day-to-day work. Always with the goal: less headache, more efficiency!

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