Research and Development

We position ourselves as a partner in the research and development of innovative technologies. Our dedication to ongoing innovation and research empowers us to deliver added value for our customers and partners by leveraging cutting-edge technology and scientific expertise.

Funding and research projects

Forward-looking research

In our research and development projects, we focus on developing innovative solutions for the challenges of today and tomorrow. Through close cooperation with leading research institutes and universities as well as interdisciplinary teams of experts, we work on the development of pioneering technologies and applications.

Our focus is on three central areas.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

We research and develop algorithms and models to solve complex problems and create intelligent systems.

Data analysis and processing

Using advanced analysis methods and big data technologies, we gain valuable insights from large volumes of data in order to make informed decisions and optimize processes. You can find our use cases here.

IoT and networked systems

We are shaping the future of the connected world by developing innovative IoT solutions that enable devices and systems to be connected and intelligently controlled.

Your Contact Person

If you are interested in working with us, please do not hesitate to contact us. Contact us for more information or to discuss potential partnerships.

Dr. Dierck Segelke

Head of Data Science & Innovation

Research projects

Synchronizing you with the possibilities of the future

Smart Asset Manager

Simple operation and a complete overview for your construction company: Digitize and automate processes now with SAM. More about SAM

Rental Asset Manager

RAM was specially developed for the construction machinery rental industry. Analysis, tracking, digital handover protocols: all in one software. More about RAM

Telematics solutions

IoT devices for optimal tracking and fleet management. Important machine data is visualized directly in SAM & RAM. More about our IoT