Successful branding: long-term strategy or quick wins?

The role of branding in shaping sustainable corporate success.

When we were working with the design agency Vioki on the new name of our company, we were a little hesitant at first. Our previous brand was very close to our hearts and we had already made a name for ourselves in the industry. But the more we looked into the subject of brand architecture and the background to it, the clearer it became to us how necessary this step was. Last year’s brand event went far beyond a name or the aesthetics of the brand.

It was an expression of how we work with our partners, how we position ourselves in the market with our solutions and how we convey our mission in the industry.

As many have already heard during our brand event, the name syniotec is made up of the three syllables syn-iot-tec, which perfectly represent our solutions and our mission. syniotec – SYNchronizationof people and machines with the possibilities of the future through IoT solutions and the highest TEChnicalstandards.

In every industry, external factors influence the short-term and long-term brand strategy. In the construction industry, such factors include the current shortage of skilled workers, supply bottlenecks that lead to project delays and emissions reductions, which are becoming increasingly important. Accordingly, it is important as a company and brand to enable as much flexibility as possible in order to ensure sustainable growth and success.

But what does it really take to build such a brand?

“Loud, bold and techy!”

…that sums up our bright red and high-contrast black color choice. In addition, the carefully selected font emphasizes the character of the brand and makes syniotec unmistakable.

As a company that sets new standards for the industry, this means that we question the status quo in order to challenge existing norms and consciously stand out from the crowd. In this diverse tech world, where there are already a multitude of stand-alone solutions, we are setting new standards and creating a brand that stands out and leaves a lasting impression.

Focus on the essentials

Our repositioning also means that we clarify our solutions and our portfolio for external parties such as existing customers, cooperation partners and new customers. It will be immediately clear what we offer and how we help companies to become more efficient. The clean and minimalist design that dominates at syniotec promotes clarity in product communication, making it easier to understand the benefits of our solutions.

Internally, thanks to this minimalist approach, we are able to align the brand identity with a growing and constantly evolving range of solutions while maintaining consistency. This ensures a brand experience that remains coherent and enables consistent and reliable communication.

We work for YOU…

…and for making the construction industry smarter and more sustainable. This is the last sentence and our slogan from the syniotec brand film, which many of you have already seen online or at our events. The aim here was to capture the essence of the collaboration between us and our partners. This connection ultimately helps to build a network that drives the joint, long-term and sustainable growth of the construction industry.

A timeless brand as a pioneer in the construction industry

As we have recently seen with the increased use of AI, things can change almost overnight. A brand that is flexible enough and remains relevant despite a changing solution portfolio is an essential prerequisite for adapting quickly to market developments and needs. The aim is always to adapt to the external factors mentioned above and act as a catalyst for improving products rather than restricting them.

It is clear that a culture of continuous innovation is necessary in order to fulfill our mission. This is the only way we can keep pace with our mission and stay ahead of the game.

Employees as brand ambassadors

syniotec – both the brand and the team – is here for long-term success.

The brand’s success is characterized by resilience and flexibility. By embracing minimalism, optimizing our focus and taking a customer-centric approach, syniotec will continue to be the companion that leads to sustainable growth and a future of endless possibilities for the construction industry.

A brand that can best serve you now and in the future.