How syniotec uses artificial intelligence for construction machinery rental companies and dealers

In one of our last blog articles, we discussed how much potential there is in AI solutions for the construction industry. Data quality is essential for the basic functioning of artificial intelligence. At syniotec, we have made it our mission to develop AI solutions for the construction industry as quickly as possible that deliver direct and immediate added value. We will now introduce you to one of them.

Specific solution for construction machinery rental companies and dealers

This year, we launched our SaaS solution for construction machinery rental companies and dealers RAM. RAM stands for Rental Asset Manager and is a software that digitizes the management of the rental fleet. The software connects the entire rental fleet in interaction with IoT devices and the cloud. Both our in-house IoT and any other telematics system can be used. The live location, capacity utilization and current performance of the machines and devices can be viewed at the touch of a button. This allows bookings to be managed, specific conditions to be stored for each customer and a target/actual comparison of all rentals to be carried out in no time at all.

Carry out digital handover protocols with AI support

“In addition to the software, we have developed an app that uses AI technology,” says Patrik Kuhna, Product Manager at RAM. “In collaboration with our customers, we developed the RAM app, which uses AI to document the machine handover.”

Machine handovers are a key issue for construction machinery rental companies. The handover documents the condition of the construction machine both when it is handed over to the customer and when it is taken back. “There are various aspects that are highly relevant for the contractual relationship with the customer,” says Kuhna. “These need to be recorded in a legally compliant manner and stored in all relevant places in the system. Up to now, the majority of companies we have worked with have done this in analog form with pen and paper. We thought: let’s change that now.”

RAM app logs central parameters

“When developing the RAM app, the focus was on the direct benefits when handing over machines and equipment,” says Head of Data Science and Innovation, Dr. Dierck Segelke. “We have developed an AI that uses photos to analyze displays fully automatically and thus reads out tank levels and operating hours. The AI also uses photos of the machine to evaluate its degree of soiling and any damage. This speeds up the entire handover process and uploads the results directly into the system.

The operating hours based on the tachometer display were our first point of attack to generate great added value for construction machinery rental companies.”

In addition to the operating hours, other key parameters are read out. Photos of the machine are taken in the app to determine the degree of soiling in the cab, record any damage to the outside of the construction machine or read out the tank level. This automates the processes, saves a lot of time and also reduces manual sources of error.

Collecting clean data as a central point in development

“The problem with the development was – as is so often the case with the development of AI – the quality and quantity of the data,” says Dr. Segelke. “Because the more precise the data, the better the solutions.”

Digitizing the construction industry sustainably together

Both the RAM app and the other solutions SAM, the service app and our IoT are constantly being expanded with the help of feedback from the construction industry. The aim is always to increase the efficiency of our partners through clarity and transparency in our day-to-day work.

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