STRABAG relies on solutions from syniotec

One of the largest construction companies in Germany and Europe, STRABAG, has opted for our digital solutions. As a strong partner who has been with us for almost 3 years, this is a major milestone for us.

How is SAM used at STRABAG?

Following intensive negotiations with the Group and various rounds of feedback, a 6-year contract has now been agreed. SAM will initially be deployed in all 13 directorates in Germany before international deployment is planned. “With syniotec, we have taken the step towards digitalization,” says Arnulf Pucher, Technical Director at STRABAG Bayern-Süd.

SAM will help STRABAG to optimize scheduling and logistics in the construction process in the future. Thomas Schelenz, who is responsible for divisional planning at STRABAG Süd, is already feeling the benefits of this in his day-to-day work. “SAM suggests suitable devices for the machine inquiries. That saves a lot of time and phone calls,” says Schelenz. “There’s also less paper on my desk now – so I don’t have to deal with all the paperwork.”

Efficient, digitalized and sustainable – this is how SAM supports STRABAG.

What does this step mean for us as a company?

“As a start-up, we are incredibly proud to have won over such a large corporation,” says CEO Manuel Kimanov. “Winning STRABAG as a customer shows us the incredible added value that SAM brings to the entire construction industry. This is an incredibly big milestone for us, as SAM will soon be used beyond the borders of Germany.”

SAM goes international. So what is the next step?

“Of course, this also brings with it completely new challenges. However, we have already been working hard towards this step in the past. We are looking forward to what lies ahead.”

And we can all look forward to that!