The new module “Disposition” in SAM

In today’s digital era, efficiency in logistics and transport organization is crucial. For construction companies, the coordinated movement of machinery and equipment is central to the successful completion of projects. This is where the new “Disposition” module in SAM (Smart Asset Manager) from syniotec comes into play. This new module brings optimized transport management and full digital dispatching to the SAM software solution.

Overview and management of transports

“Disposition” is an additional module that integrates seamlessly with SAM’s software for construction companies. At its core, it is about creating a clear overview and management for all stakeholders involved around transportation. In the new created area, both long-term and daily planning can be carried out in order to be able to react flexibly to a wide variety of requests and planning. At the same time, the central information can be found at any time by all persons involved, thus creating a central basis. Dispatchers can find all relevant information for the transport organization here. From a project-independent overview of transports to be organized to status tracking, the module offers a holistic solution for efficient transport planning.

Automation and flexibility

The main components of the module include an overview of transport bookings to be organized and a calendar view of all transports. Color-coded markers facilitate recognition of the current status, while additional information is available at any time. The transport organization can be organized according to individual usage patterns, whether by direct booking or forward planning.

Users have the ability to schedule all equipment & machinery on a job site for a project implementation. This allows for collected transportation planning. Individual transports can be combined and assigned to an executing actor as a transport order. Using drag-and-drop, transport requests are planned with just a few clicks and orders are placed accordingly.

Efficient logistics & improved communication with drivers and carriers

Both internal drivers and external persons can be assigned and notified in the scheduling tool.

This further development creates an improved basis for communication and enables precise and transparent transport coordination.

Drivers receive notifications about transport requests and can process them directly in the app. The ability to start and end a transport creates transparency and updated planning information for dispatchers.

Automated transport start by means of geofences

Another feature of “Disposition” is the possibility of automatic start of the transport by means of geofences. In a clear transport profile, all information such as planned time period, driver, the cargo and the route can be viewed. By setting the geofences, the transport is started automatically when leaving the corresponding area. Of course, manual management is still possible at any time.

Independent transporter creation

Another feature is the possibility for users with appropriate authorization to create both internal drivers and external carriers with their own profile. In the profile, data such as authorizations, contact information, framework agreements with freight forwarders, a history of past transports and other data can be clearly viewed.

This profile allows to effectively manage transporters.

Future of the transport organization

The “Disposition” module in SAM from syniotec brings a revolution in transport organization for construction companies. Through automated communication, individual planning options and a comprehensive overview, this module enables efficient and flexible logistics on construction sites. Seamless integration with the SAM platform makes it a must-have solution for companies that rely on precise dispatching.

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October 11, 2023

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