A day with our installer Björn

It’s not even light yet when Björn’s day starts. “Early as the masons”, that applies here in full. Today I’m accompanying our plumber Björn and spending a typical Monday with him. If you can talk about “typical” at all.

I meet Björn at 7 in the morning and drive to the first customer. “I got a call yesterday, there are a few devices to be registered again.” Björn already knows the customer and is pleased to see the familiar faces again. When we get there, we don’t mess around for long: With our toolbox tucked under our arm, we enter the hall, greet everyone and get straight to work. Device after device is labeled, tagged, photographed and checked in SAM to make sure everything works. Here and there, a worker comes and brings new equipment for recording. Depending on the device, different tags are used which are optimally designed for the respective device. Chains, for example: Since handling can be a bit rough here, very thick and stable tags are required. After everything is done, one last check: haven’t you forgotten anything? Was there anything else?

We finish around midday and move on. The next customer is already waiting in Cuxhaven. During the drive, we have the opportunity to recharge our batteries and have something to eat. I ask Björn what makes the construction industry so special, what he likes most about it. He doesn’t have to think twice: “You get straight down to business. There’s no talking around things.”

Freshly fortified, we arrive at the construction site and have a quick chat with the workers. Since larger construction machines are to be recorded here, we install the Sharemac telematics boxes, S-Boxes for short, directly in the machine. The S-Box is connected to the power circuit. A suitable place in the construction machine needs to be found and secured. After all, everything should fit securely and nothing should wobble. We check directly in SAM whether the data is entering correctly. Only after this has been checked is it time to move on to the next machine.

We celebrate the successful installations with a short break. A coffee and a sandwich later, we make our way back to Bremen to visit the last construction site for the day. “That’s what I like about my job. Every day, every customer is different,” says Björn. The construction site we arrive at is large and very spacious – enough to get some sun. “You picked the right day to come along,” he laughs.

The last devices and machines are recorded in SAM – and the day is done.

For me, the day was a welcome change from my normal home office and working on the computer. It’s understandable why Björn loves his job so much – because he works close to people, constantly interacting with them and with a lot of variety. “I couldn’t do without it, everything else would be too monotonous for me” – and that’s a nice way to end.