Visiting Georgia & the syniotec TechHub

Even though the main reason for our CFO Arne’s visit to Georgia was to meet with our syniotec TechHub, he couldn’t avoid the breathtaking landscape and traditional Georgian cuisine. Read here what Arne experienced!

After a long time, I took the time in July to pay a visit to our TechHub in Tbilisi, Georgia. I met with COO Rezi there, who was already on site. In addition to the work, I also wanted to get to know the country better.

Endless landscapes straight out of a picture book

In Georgia, thousands of years of culture meet beautiful mountain landscapes and beaches on the Black Sea. A multifaceted culture meets the simplest life in the countryside and in the mountains. The landscape offers green mountain ranges, an abundance of water and the fantastic nature of the great Caucasus Mountains. With Rezi, I visited the village of Stepanzminda and the famous Trusso Gorge.

With its numerous wineries, I remember Kvareli above all for its special and diverse wine culture. In Tbilisi, on the other hand, you can experience the vibrant capital, which is also very attractive due to its lively and ancient culture. But more on that in a moment.

I hadn’t expected all this and was absolutely pleasantly surprised. The Georgian cuisine and the hospitality of my host family in Tbilisi will also remain a special memory. The food is very varied and, in addition to the usual meat dishes, Georgian cuisine scores with a variety of regional vegetables and fruit. In keeping with my experiences in Kvareli, wine is almost always drunk everywhere. The more than 8,000-year-old development of viticulture in Georgia is impressive and differs significantly from that in Europe.

Our syniotec TechHub in the capital Tbilisi

In addition to the special features of the country, the reason for my visit – and what I enjoyed the most – was the visit to our syniotec TechHub. Founded in 2020, we started with a small, manageable team that has since grown to over 20 IT experts. And in such a short time!

We are particularly proud of our TechHub, where SAM is constantly being developed and optimized and new functions are being developed from scratch.

In addition to the technical expertise that I was already able to experience in Germany through the software solutions that were created, I have now gotten to know the people behind them.

Our young team there puts their heart and soul into realizing everything behind our software, thereby significantly advancing the digitalization of the construction industry. They are all great, committed people with great motivation and incredible team spirit. But it wasn’t just the team itself that impressed me, but also the individual people behind it.