Sharemac becomes syniotec

The Bremen-based start-up for construction site management, construction tech software and IoT tracking solutions continues to develop and is positioning itself for even greater growth in the future.

Bremen, September 1, 2022.
A good 140 guests from the construction industry, politics and science attended the industry event above the rooftops of Bremen when the start-up Sharemac officially became syniotec. The company is based on a concept idea developed by Manuel Kimanov and Rezi Chikviladze as part of their studies at Jacobs University in Bremen. The basic idea of using construction machinery and equipment in a smarter way has always been very popular in the industry. In 2018, the study project became a company that came into contact with more and more companies from the construction industry. It all started with the rental platform Sharemac.

Over time, the team, which had grown in terms of both content and personnel, identified a fundamental weakness in the digital rental process and in the management of construction equipment and machinery: a lack of transparency. Where is the machine being used and when – or: which construction site is the machine actually on right now? As a result, SAM, the so-called “Smart Asset Manager” was developed, which offers construction companies and rental companies a comprehensive overview of the entire machine fleet.

The product continued to grow and was developed not only for, but also with building contractors and leading service providers from the construction industry. More and more functions such as construction site documentation, the personnel planner, crew management and much more were added – just like more and more customers who put their trust in the team from Bremen and Tbilisi, where the company’s TechHub is located. Whether you are a small SME or a large corporation, the Bremen-based company has the answers to all questions that will pave the way for a successful digital future in the construction industry.

Founded as Sharemac, the company is now taking the next step and transforming itself. “After half a decade, it was important for us to position ourselves, our services and our brand for the future,” says Rezi Chikviladze, “In an intensive process internally and with partners, we asked ourselves what we essentially get up for in the morning, what our overarching, driving task – in other words, our mission – is. How do we and our solutions make the difference?” reveals Manuel Kimanov. “Our values, i.e. how we treat each other and our partners, our core competencies and what we strive for in our vision, are now also clearly visible,” adds Arne Stehnken, who as CFO has helped build Sharemac from the very beginning.

“After the brand strategy process at the latest, it was clear to us that we had outgrown our old name, which with Sharemac was only geared towards sharing machines. The core of our mission is to synchronize you and your company with the future. Synchronizing information, IoT products and the latest technology is what we do at our core. For our renaming, we are combining the brand strategy with our expertise and are therefore now called syniotec,” the three announced at the event in Bremen. “We don’t want digitalization to become a construction site, we want the construction site to be digitalized!”

The trio took an entertaining look back at what was, what is – and what will be. This offered all guests at the Ecos-Center on the Weser exciting insights into the history of the development of an innovative start-up, the debate on further development and growth and their view of the future of syniotec. The now 60-strong team will focus even more strongly on leading the construction industry into a more efficient and innovative future.

As part of the renaming, the entire corporate design of the syniotec brand and the product design of the IoT solutions were completely revised. This was done in collaboration with the Design and Innovation Lab Vioki from Hamburg. The young yet very experienced team is looking positively to the future in its new guise – also because there is still a lot of exciting work ahead in the digitalization of the construction industry. syniotec’s brand promise is to synchronize partners with the future – through efficiency-enhancing and standard-setting software and IoT products.

This makes syniotec a prime example of the digitalization of a large industry. As a pioneer, the company finds quick and pragmatic solutions to problems. This makes syniotec a companion and pioneer of new standards.