New: Real-time track recording in SAM

Bremen-based syniotec, a specialist in the digitalization of the construction industry, has announced an extension to the fleet management of its SAM software. The Smart Asset Manager (SAM) is a comprehensive solution that enables construction companies to efficiently manage their projects, employees and entire fleet.

The latest addition is a function for real-time route tracking of construction machinery, which is now seamlessly integrated into SAM. This function enables SAM users to track the movements of their machines both on the construction site and during transportation. It is available in the map view in the equipment profile and provides dispatchers and transport managers with precise route visualization for transport tracking. Every signal sent by the syniotec IoT devices is displayed as a timestamp on the map.

More transparency and efficiency

David Peters, Head of Product Management Germany at syniotec, explains: “With this new function, we are offering our customers even more transparency and efficiency in the management of their equipment, be it on the construction site, on the way there, in the storage yard or during transportation.” The ability to track and analyze routes in real time leads to increased safety. At the same time, it leads to a long-term optimization of resource usage and an increase in efficiency, which is made possible by the high quality of our telematics, reliable transmission frequency and other features.

A key aspect of this new function is traceability and security. The companies themselves decide which role and which employee has access to this function. This extension to SAM was developed based on feedback from the industry. Rezi Chikviladze, COO at syniotec, explains: “Whenever we work with customers and partners were sitting together and talking about equipment, the question arose: ‘How can we monitor this in more detail? Is there a route tracking function in SAM? With this function, we are responding to our customers’ feedback and implementing it.”

Successful partnership with one of the world’s top 20 construction groups

In addition to the new function, syniotec also emphasizes the partnership with STRABAG, one of the world’s leading construction companies, which has been experiencing the benefits of SAM in its day-to-day work since the beginning of the cooperation. In a recently published statement, STRABAG emphasizes the importance of this partnership and the impact on its digital transformation.

“Digitalization with vision: STRABAG x syniotec”, according to the statement from STRABAG. “The practice-oriented adaptation of SAM to our specific requirements has led to a demonstrable increase in the efficiency of our operational processes. Since the start of our cooperation in 2018, we have already achieved several milestones and are continuing to help shape the digital future of the construction industry!”

syniotec remains committed to providing innovative solutions for the digitalization of the construction industry and looks forward to continuing to work with global companies such as STRABAG. The company values its diverse partnerships and broad reference and customer portfolio. This includes large international companies as well as medium-sized and regional companies, which underlines the versatility and adaptability of syniotec’s solutions.

You can find out more about SAM on the product page.