Sustainability on the construction site: 4 tips

The current sustainability debate is not bypassing the construction industry. For construction companies, an important part lies in sustainable building materials and materials. However, sustainability does not stop at the actual construction process itself.

How do you manage to be sustainable despite a thousand construction plans and large construction machines? Read here 4 tips on how to pay attention to sustainability in everyday life on the construction site.

1. digitize construction plans

What is often processed with paper and has to be printed out again and again can now be managed digitally in the blink of an eye. Important documents such as construction plans or technical drawings can simply be stored digitally and centrally on a shared drive so that everyone involved can access them directly. This saves constant printing and eliminates wasted paper.

2. handle personnel planning online

Do away with wall calendars and highlighters: workforce planning can be done easily via app. This gives you a holistic view of the workforce and allows you to plan for participation in projects, any absences, and vacations. Speaking of vacation: With the appropriate functions, there is no longer any need to print out, sign and approve a vacation request; instead, it can simply be processed online.

3. device management: plan resources correctly

Often in construction companies the machines and equipment are not optimally utilized. However, there is already software on the market that can be used to record and track construction machinery live – so no more information is lost. In addition, in solutions such as SAM, the operating hours can be viewed in order to directly assign how heavily machines are utilized on specific projects. It is also possible to see on which projects the construction machines are used and when they will be available again.

4. monitor & optimize construction projects

With the appropriate software solution, construction projects are clearly displayed and progress can be seen immediately at a glance. Not only do you save yourself exhausting paperwork, but you also save time and money: thanks to the clear display, you can see exactly what is needed when on which project in order to keep to the schedule. In this way, you are constantly learning how to run projects even more efficiently and smoothly – and important resources are saved.

February 20, 2021

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